KBRG’s Proprietary Assessment is a 2-fold offering, consisting of an independent and confidential compliance process efficiency review and cost benchmark. The results are actionable insights into an organization’s current compliance process and optimal cost structure focused in the Banking Industry.

Post the Dodd-Frank era, all Financial Institutions, irrespective of their Risk Profile, should perform an annual independent review of their Compliance Management System.  

  • Regulatory guidance recommends an annual independent audit be performed on a FI’s Compliance Management System.

  • Old and new regulations impede the ability to grow the lending base due to the cost to maintain applicable compliance costs.

Utilizing a pragmatic and robust questionnaire crafted with the support of banking experts, the results will advise your firm to the opportunities that may lie in your cost of being compliant.  Our methodology has been refined to correlate performance of compliance to cost.

KBRG’s mission is to deliver actionable results to best align your firm's goals and objectives with the most cost effective manner of achieving compliance in today’s regulatory environment while maintaining agility to take on tomorrow’s changes.

Process Assessment At-a-Glance:

  • Qualitative Assessment providing insights into your organization’s compliance process in meeting your regulatory expectations.
  • Quantitative Benchmark delivering actionable results to optimize cost structure in your current and future regulatory environment.

KBRG’s Assessment results will provide your Board of Directors an independent evaluation of your overall Compliance Management System.

If your organization has a need for any of our services, or if you have further questions about what we can do for you, please contact us anytime.