Who is KBRG and why can I trust you?

Good question!  Trust is the foundation of all good relationships and here at KBRG, we are ALL about the relationship.  From introductory phone calls through project delivery, our focus is 100% on delivering quality, efficiently.  We have no interest in wasting your time or money.  Your success is truly our success, and we will do whatever it takes to achieve it!  Not convinced?  Click here for a bit more about who we are and the experience that our founder, Karlo Bustos, brings to the table.

How did you get access to this non-public data?

Well, if we told you we would have to....just kidding, we'll spill.  Through our founder's many years of experience developing and delivering performance improvement benchmarks, scorecards and reports, he knows how to ask the right questions from the right people.  We collect data during our engagements via our proprietary assessment, as well as work with respected industry partners to access an excited network of Community Banks hungry for this level of data and insights.

When is this data 'as of' and how often will this data be updated?

The data within our database is as of December 31, 2017.  It is the most recent available per our collection activities and engagements. We will make updated reports available on a continuous basis as we continue to collect more data throughout the year.  All data has been verified with our clients and participants within our database, and is held up to the highest data standards (trust us, Karlo is a stickler for clean data).  

How come this is so inexpensive, what’s the catch?

No catch, it's just the right thing to do.  We firmly believe that while you are working day in and day out to support small businesses and families in communities across the US, we owe it to them and to you to deliver a high value, low cost benchmark report. 

What if I want to purchase more than one report, is there a discount?

Absolutely.  Take advantage of our 15% multi-report discount when you purchase more than one report.  Use promo code - IWANTMORE

Can I get a personalized report with my institution compared to the peer group?

Yes, and at no extra charge to boot (staying true to our mission)!  During the checkout process, please select that you are interested in a personalized report and we will reach out to gather the required data and run you through our database to update your report.  This will typically take no more than 24 business hours after we receive your data and clean/standardize it to best align with your peer group.

Why is a Compliance Cost and Process Benchmark important?

We've done all the hard work of collecting the data from over 100+ peer institutions across the US.  Now all you have to do is use it.  Arm yourself with easy to understand data and analytics to start delivering improved value to your bottom line.  But if you find yourself needing a bit more help getting there, we are also consultants...

How should I use the report once I purchase it?

Use our benchmark report for your next budget cycle, cost initiative identification/target setting, process improvements project, self-assessment of your compliance management system, deregulation relief (time and cost), and whatever else your heart desires.